Please note our system combines shipping costs when you add multiple items. We will adjust the cost after the sale to the most appropriate cost and refund the difference. For example, if you bought 3 items where each had a shipping cost of 8.50. The system might charge you $25.50. If we can ship the package for $8.50, we will refund $17.00. If we had to use the next size-up box which is $14.25, we would refund the $11.25. If we had to use the largest box, then the cost would be $24.50, and we would refund the smaller shipping charges. Nothing we sell requires anything bigger than a USPS priority flat rate box. We will refund the total combined shipping on the over $150.00. (We look at this situation about once a month trying to figure out a way to get it right,)

Thanks -David Lee Smith