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David Lee Smith

Bail Perfect Centering Tool -

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This Patent Pending Bail Perfect Centering Tool takes away the guesswork in setting a bail. It makes it easy to locate and mark where the bail or ring shank should go on a symmetrical bezel set on a ring or pendant.

There are 5 slots for marking, all of which will be parallel to the centerline of the bezel. The maximum bezel size that can be accommodated is 2 1/2in by 1 5/8in x 1/4 or 63mm by 41mm x 7.6mm The Minimum bezel size in 3/16in x 1/4in x 3/32- or 6-mm x 5mm x 2.3mm The Bail Perfect Centering Tool is accurate to .5 mm in three inches. Parallelism is within .5mm on a 75 mm back plate or .02 inches on a 3-inch back plate.

It is made in USA using a biodegradable high impact flexible hypoallergenic PLA plastic, stainless steel and synthetic hypoallergenic rubber. Included with the biodegradable The Bail Perfect Centering Tool is a Sharpie Ultrafine Point pen, 2 sample plastic bezels for training, and 6 synthetic non-allergenic rubber bands and 1 alcohol swab.

This tool uses a sliding v shaped guide that forces the bezel into and opposing v shaped guide this forcing the bezel's centerline to be aligned with marking slot in the guide. Once positioned you can mark or scribe a line, lines or points where you want your bail on the front or back of your piece. Please check our videos for some of the tips and trick for using this tool to it's maximize potential.  Be sure to check out the long Video and other products discounted for Metalsmith Society members at YouTube links below.

For a closer look at The Bail Perfect Centering Tool copy and paste one of these links into a new browser tab.  

Short Video at      Youtube

Long Video at YouTube

Note, we no longer pack the rubber bands in Armor All as mentioned in the videos, as it not to be necessary to preserve the rubber bands,

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