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David Lee Smith

Beginning & Intermediate Silversmithing - Streaming 22 Hour Course

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Beginning & Intermediate Videos -
This series was designed for the true novice with no experience, to take them to skill level that will allow them to create for the pure joy of it or on to becoming a selling Silversmith. Our Beginning Silversmithing Learning Series is 15 hours of hands on close up High Definition Video. It includes 7 full screen high quality videos and 1 data archive with lots of resources. They are available for online streamingYou will gain the fundamentals and safety knowledge that will help you gain the confidence and experience to be comfortable creating without out the need for personal instruction. You start by doing exercises on copper so that you get torch control before you start on the more expensive Fine and Sterling Silver. It is not possible to learn all you need to know in one or two projects. Some of our projects are similar but you will learn a little more on each project. In this series you will focus on creating Southwestern and Contemporary Pendants.

The Intermediate Series will let continue your journey of enlightenment. Yes enlightenment.   Once you master this art form it is an almost Zen like experience when you  practice your art. In this 7 hour series your focus will be creating three Rings with three different types of Ring Bands, Single Band, Split Band and Wide Band. You will also create an interchangeable cuff bracelet with a step bezel cabochon mount and a split band bracelet. You will learn to saw including how to chose the correct blade.  You will learn a few production techniques and how to create a bending jig. These videos teach you the fundamentals bending, shaping and sawing.

Beginning  Preview      People are saying.

Beginning Silversmithing Series Fundamentals & Pendants

Video Index
Pendant projects are:

  1. Two Leaves and Flowers
  2. Leaf and Flower
  3. Four Balls
  4. Three Leaves
  5. Rectangle Contemporary
  6. Diamond Contemporary
  7. Hummingbird
  8. Three Feathers

Bonus Projects

  • Single Band Ring
  • Stud Earrings
  • Embellished S Clasp
  • Ball Embellished Clasp
  • Twisted Wire Rope Clasp
  • Fancy Head Pins
  • Southwest Spiral, Triangles and Squares
  • Chain Chain Chains
  • Squiggles
  • Squiggle Flower
  • Multi-loop Clasp
    1. Random Balls Pendant


    Intro, Safety & Tool Information

    1. Introduction
    2. General Safety
    3. Tools You Supply
    4. Unpacking Tools
    5. Table Cover
    6. Basic Tools Overview
    7. Ring & Bracelet Tools
    8. Pickle Preparation
    9. Pickle Disposal
    10. Flux Preparation
    11. Flux Bottle Problems

    Copper Exercises

    1. Copper Preparation
    2. Soldering Animations
    3. Soldering Exercises
    4. Solder Preparation
    5. Metal Characteristics
    6. Fluxing
    7. Understanding Fire Scale
    8. Bezel Creation
    9. Back Plate Texturing
    10. My First Bail
    11. Its Solder Time
    12. A Silver Solder Flow Example

    Rectangle & Diamond Contemporary Pendants

    1. Materials Kit
    2. Classic Hammered Finish
    3. Soldering Bezel
    4. Rectangle Clip Bail
    5. Setting Cabochon
    6. Polishing
    7. Materials Kit Modification
    8. Patterned Hammered Finish
    9. Triangle Clip Bail
    10. Polishing

    Ropes, Balls & Embellishments

    1. Bezel Types & Pointers
    2. Cutting and Sizing Bezel
    3. Inspecting Bezel Joint
    4. Soldering Bezel To Plate
    5. Making Rope
    6. Annealing & Preparing Rope
    7. Soldering Rope to Bezel
    8. Creating Balls
    9. Preparing Embellishments
    10. Two Leaves & Flower
    11. Leaf & Flower
    12. Four Balls
    13. Three Leaves

    Bails & Polishing & Hummingbird Part 1

    1. Removing Excess Material
    2. Spider Hold Down
    3. Preparing and Soldering Bail
    4. Setting Cabochon
    5. Polishing and Ring Clamp
    6. Hummingbird
    7. Cabochon to Loose
    8. Positioning Bezel
    9. Preparing Embellishments
    10. More Balls

    Hummingbird Part2 & Three Feathers

    1. Soldering It All Together
    2. Remove Excess Material
    3. Patina & Polish
    4. Rope Bail
    5. Three Feathers
    6. The Bezel
    7. The Rope
    8. The Balls
    9. Trim & Grind
    10. Design Change
    11. Fabricate & Attach Feather Loop
    12. Attaching The Bail
    13. Set The Cab & Polish
    14. It's Feather time

    Things That Can Go Wrong & 
    Special Bonus Single Band Ring

    1. Moving Solder Bumps
    2. Bad Flux Symptoms
    3. How Not To Mark Your Piece
    4. Solder Flowed Into Bezel
    5. Dressing The Charcoal Block
    6. Fix a Split Bezel
    7. Torch Running Out Of Butane
    8. Ball Making in Depth
    9. Removing Balls
    10. Removing Bails
    11. Moving Soldered Bezels
    12. Straightening Wire Rope
    13. Adjusting a Bail
    14. Why I Lay My Torch Down
    15. Torch Striker Repair
    16. Bezel Boo-Boos
    17. Replacing a Bezel
    18. Polishing Marks & Pressure
    19. Removing Cabochons
    20. Single Band Ring

    Intermediate Rings & Bracelets Preview



    Intermediate Silversmithing Rings & Bracelets

    Intro, Safety & Tool Information:


    1. Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS
    2. Beginning Tools
    3. Intermediate Tools
    4. Ring Bending tools VS Ring Mandrel
    5. Bezel Creation

    Single Band Ring

    1. Annealing
    2. Fabricating Step Bezel
    3. Bending Ring Loop
    4. Sizing Ring Loop
    5. Soldering Ring Loop
    6. Resizing Ring loop
    7. Attaching Ring Top
    8. Bezel Setting Stone
    9. Polishing

    Double Split Band Ring

    1. Creating Rope Embellishment
    2. Forming Rope to Bezel
    3. Soldering Rope to Back Plate
    4. Trim and File Top
    5. Sizing Split Ring band
    6. Shaping Band
    7. Splitting Band with Jewelers Saw

    Wide Band Ring

    1. Embellished Ring Top
    2. Forming the Band
    3. Soldering the band
    4. Attaching the Band


    1. Universal Mount
    2. Fabricate Universal Mount Bender
    3. Galley Wire Quick Mount

    Bracelets Soldering Mount

    1. Fabricating Interchangeable Cuff
    2. Forming Cuff
    3. Cuff Split Band
    4. Dual Split Band Cuff