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David Lee Smith

Ergonomic Bezel Setting Tool Set for Rings & Pendants

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Bezel Setting Tool Kit -Ergonomic Bezel Setting Tool Set for Rings & Pendants
This set of tools was designed to make setting a cabochon on the pendant and rings easier and less painful primarily for jewelry makers suffering from arthritis and other hand and wrist issues, (each tool is also available separately).
Either the 2 or 2.5-inch Rotating mounts are useable for most projects. The 2 inch works best with pendants and rings less than 1 square inch of the backplate, and the 2 1/2-inch works best with bezels larger than 3 square inches of back plates. See FAQ's for more info.

After testing in the field, we found that non-suffering users are loving the ability to hold the setting firmly while rotating it for easier positioning of the hand and bezel tool.
They really love that if you slip they don’t mar the bezel or the stone!

The components are:
a rotating bezel mount.
a Thermo-Loc® heat release adhesive, (Thermo-Loc®, is a registered trademark of Glendo Corporation)
an Ergonomic straight Bezel Pusher.
an Ergonomic Bezel Burnisher.

Your pendant is secured when it is pressed into the Thermo-Loc® mounting plastic that has been heated with a heat gun or high temperature hair dryer.
The mount is rotated with the non-dominant hand to bring the bezel into different positions.
There the bezel is easy to work with either ergonomic tool that is in the palm of the hand.
After the stone is secured the ergonomic bezel burnisher is used to harden and polish the edge of the bezel.
Once the bezel is closed the assembly is lightly heated to remove it from the rotating mount.
The 3d printed high impact plastic prevents the stone and bezel from being damaged
in the event of a stone destroying slip of the hand.

Link to 7 minute How to use video Lint to 1 minute How to use video Link to 10 minute How to prep for Rings Link to 1 minute How to prep for Rings
Questions and Answers
Q Will the plastic wear out?
A The end of the Pusher and burnisher will experience some damage over time but they are easily dressed back to new condition with a file.

Q. Why this shape and not a ball or a flat oval like existing bezel rollers?
A. The palm of the hand when closed around a tool is not shaped like a ball. Try this, place three fingers together with the tips aligned flush with each other. Press the finger into the opposite hand with the hand closed enough to hold them. Now with the fingers in an uneven position.
Which feels best in the palm of your hand? Most people say the three fingers in the even position.

Q. Can I use a hair dryer to heat the Thermo-Loc®.
A. Yes, with qualifications, here is the method.
Link to video of process
Attaching the Thermo-Loc® to the Rotating Mount is best done with a heat gun.
However, a hair dryer and some boiling water also works, just slower.
Drop the Thermo-Loc® into the hot, near boiling water, and test with your copper tongs occasionally to see if its soft.
Start heating the mount with the hair dryer on its hottest setting as close
as you are comfortable without burning yourself.
Once you can handle the Thermo-Loc®, roll it into a ball and then work the ball into a disk about the size of the top of the mount.
Once the mount is too hot to touch then press the softened Thermo-Loc® onto the hot surface.
Push firmly to make sure the Thermo-Loc® is secure.
Then let everything cool.
When you are ready to close the bezel heat with the hair dryer until the Thermo-Loc® just starts to get a little shine.
Then press you piece into the Thermo-Loc® and let it cool.
Now set your stone. When are done you can apply a little heat to the bezel and stone then pry up with a little force on the bail. It should pull off cleanly when the Thermo-Loc® is hot enough to release.

Q. Can i heat Thermo-Loc® in a microwave?
A. Yes with qualifications. FIRE AND NOXIOUS GAS HAZARD
But not recommended unless you read the Thermo-Loc® instruction sheet on their website at this Link.

Q. Why are there 2 sizes of Rotating Mount?
A. When setting smaller rings and bezels (under 13 x18mm) it becomes more difficult to get the correct angle when using the heel of the Bezel Pusher for closing. A Rotating mount with a smaller diameter makes this less cumbersome.

Thermo-Loc®, is a registered trademark of Glendo Corporation has no affiliation of any kind with Glendo Corporation or GRS

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