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David Lee Smith

Cool Pickle #2

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Cool Pickle # 2 is used for removing surface oxidation, scale, cleaning and pickling of non-ferrous and precious metals (silver, copper, duralumin, nickel, copper, zinc and etc.). It produces shiny, bright surfaces without destroying fine details. A long-lasting replacement for Sulfuric Acid.

Our Cool Pickle # 2 may be the answer to your question "what pickle should i use for Sterling Silver and Copper?". This pickle solution uses the chemical Sodium Bisulfate as it active ingredient. It is useable hot or cold. I typically use it cold because almost all heated acids are more dangerous than cold ones. It works very rapidly when heated, but rarely takes more than 15 minutes to clean material when used cold. Unlike some of the other Sodium Bisulfate pickles it does not scum up on the top and discolor rapidly. You can use the pickle until it stops working or gets so dirty you can see through it to pick out the pieces you are pickling.

The mixing recommendation is to use 4 parts of water and 1 parts of Cool Pickle #2. I like using a straight sided 16-ounce Mason Jar. You can use hot or cold water. In the mason Jar put in 2 inches of water and then add a half inch of Cool Pickle #2 pickle powder. The solution still works with less pickle powder, but it takes longer to clean your metal.

"How do i dispose of my pickling solution"? The recommended method of disposal is to neutralize the pickle with baking soda and then evaporate the water out of the solution and then put the resulting solid crystal in a container to be disposed of with your household hazardous waste. Do not pour this or any pickle solution down sink or into a public sewer system or septic waste system. The silver oxides can kill the bacteria.

We do not sell or ship this product out of the USA.