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David Lee Smith

Holiday Special For Metalsmithsociety members use code "extra" for 20% off

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Holiday Special Metal Smith Society members use code "extra" for 20% on this Bundle of tools! 

                                                   Retail price

Jumbo Butane Torch                      $59.99           $49.99

LazySue Grid SolderNBoard          $49.99            $44.95 

Spider Combo                                 $75.90            $59.95

Jump Ring Maker Kit                     $49.95            $44.95

Bezel Setting Tool Set                    $49.95            $44.95

Bail Perfect Centering Tool            $57.95            $49.95

                              Total                  $285.78            \/\/\/

   Our normal Metal Society Discounted Price is   $249.75 

We decided to spice it up this Christmas with the first ever 20% Discount that is in addition to our already discounted prices shown on the website. What's the catch? You can only get this special when you buy this bundle!

Order here and be sure to use the code "EXTRA" on check out to get this whole bundle for only $199.80