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David Lee Smith

Grid Soldering Boards - Makes keeping components aligned for soldering easier

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Our Asbestos-free flame-resistant non-combustible hard soldering boards and grid boards can withstand up to 1800F. They provide excellent heat reflection and rapid cool down. They will not flake and can be sanded, cut, carved, drilled or shaped for holding parts. They can be used with metal clays and in kilns as shelves, (up to 927 degrees centigrade). Our Boards can be used with pins to locate parts to be soldered and is a great way to protect your workbench. Many professionals use this type of board for production soldering. They work best for Silver Soldering.

Here are some examples of our 8 by 8 grid board being used to create individual letters. The grid makes it possible to get 90-degree corners without pining or staking. it also allows you to manipulate the components while soldering. The whole video of making this bracelet using the Grid Soldering board and the Superior Tripod can be seen on YouTube. Just search for Grid soldering board.

Our boards can be flipped over, and the back side of the board is usable as a regular soldering board.

Why a Grid Soldering Board

3 Minute Demo of making a bracelet with the Grid Soldering Board and Superior Soldering Tripod