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Jumbo Soldering Torch By SilversmithingClass.com

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Butane Torch compact: This torch is a tool that will decrease fatigue because of it's light weight. Its compact size and internal design allow a greater range of angle when applying flame to your pieces. It is also better for small pieces like earing bezels and small embellishments. Safety note: You should never set the torch down or stand it up while it is lit. Always shut it off when not in immediate use.

I have sold four different torches over the last 10 years, mostly because the manufacturers have not been willing to stand behind their products when proven defective and failures not caused by misuse. So late in 2020 I set out on a quest to find a reliable torch form a manufacturer who has been in business making torches for many years using ISO 9000 standards. I took a while and i ended up looking at 5 torches including the Big Shot by Blazer (Trademarked). Four of them were found wanting. Other than not a flakey manufacturer I needed good high and low settings and the ability to clean the torch when it was fouled from dirty butane. I did find one that has a cleanable screen for mixing the butane and air. So, I now private brand it here as my Jumbo Torch.
You can also see how easy it is to clean this torch in the event it gets plugged up by bad butane, 

How to use video here at https://youtu.be/t_cJH6KCjfU

Torch Cleaning - Starts at 20:54  Link https://youtu.be/oopKB9JEewI