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David Lee Smith

Jump Ring Cutting Guide- Without Coiling Mandrels

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The very best way to make a nice Jump Ring is to saw it. You are guaranteed a clean square cut with ends that will meet perfectly.
You won't be waiting for just the right Jump Ring anymore. This Jump Ring Making Guide helps you make it happen. The selection has a Jump Ring cutting guide, mounting screws and millimetre conversion chart. Cut your coils of wire with your jewelers saw using our Jump Ring Cutting Guide

You will decide which coiling mandrel you need by finding the size you need on the Jump Ring Sizing chart. The chart will show you what both inside and outside dimensions based on the size and thickness of the wire used. You will be able to make jump rings for Silver, Gold, Copper and many other metals.
NO WINDING MANDRELS ARE INCLUDED IN THE IS KIT. Elsewhere in this stores is a guide kit with coiling mandrels.

Another product designed and developed by David Lee Smith of of Spider Hold Down fame.