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David Lee Smith

Prips Flux Mix - Makes Approx 32 ounces

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What is Prips Flux?   What is the formula for Prips Flux? How do I mix Prips flux? How do I use Prips Flux?

Prips Flux is used to  prevent fire scale, oxidation and protection of surfaces being soldered,

I like this flux because it does not use alcohol. This means i don't have another flammable or extremely dangerous chemical on my work bench. The components in the powder are Boric acid, a food preservation and cleaner, Boraxo, a soap and Tri-Sodium Phosphate, a metal pickling flux and industrial cleaner. The combination is a very effective metal cleaning  and surface preparation treatment that makes soldering a lot easier. The formula for Prips flux is:

Prips Powder Formula 3,2,2 mixture by weight mixed 
4 parts water 1 part Prips flux powder *
Distilled Water 16 oz /454 gr 8 oz/227 gr 4 oz/114 gr
Total Weight 4.0 oz / 114 gr 2 oz/ 57gr 1 oz / 28gr
Boric acid 1.7 oz/ 48 gr .85 oz/ 24 gr .43 oz/14 gr
TSP 1.14 oz/ 39 gr .57 oz/ 19.5 gr .28 oz/ 9.5 gr
Boraxo 1.14 oz/ 39 gr .57 oz/ 19.5 gr .28 oz/ 9.5 gr
*Precision not required for this formula to work well

Due to the pricing and quantities required to purchase individually of each of these individual chemicals and the lack of ready supplies in all areas I have packaged it in 8 ounce quantities for sale for my students.

When mixing it is important that you use clean distilled water  in a clean glass vessel, (Coffee  Pot works Well), bring water to a boil then add the mix. stir for one minute and the bring back to a boil. Let cool and strain  through a Coffee filter. You can use immediately, but depending on the purity of your distilled water you  may need to strain through a filter periodically. Also be sure to rinse your sprayer  at the end of your project to prevent the nozzle plugging up when the fluid dries up.

Prips Flux is most often used in a spray bottle with a fine mist sprayer. The metal is heated to above the boiling point of water and then sprayed with the solution. Successive layers are sprayed on until a thick layer of flux is built up.

The  operating principle  of Flux is to block the creation of fire scale by depriving it of oxygen. The layer of flux accomplishes this allowing the solder to flow where it needs to.


We do not sell or ship Flux out of the USA