SolderNBoard - Hard

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One of the primary uses of our hard soldering board is to protect your table or work bench surface from catching fire when we are soldering and move the torch away for the work piece. Most of the time a feathering motion with the torch is required to get the heat focused where it needs to be. This means the torch moves away for the work piece and on to whatever us behind or underneath it.

Another common use is as a Kiln Board. It can be used as the substrate that is used in a Kiln to support your work pieces while in a kiln. The maximum temperature for use is 1750 Fahrenheit. Many artists also use them to fire Precious Metal Clay and Art Clay Silver

Our Soldering Boards come in several sizes all are 1/2 inch thick we have , 6x6,  6x12 and 12x12 inch.

These SolderN'Boards are also machineable and you can drive locating pins into them should you choose  solder directly on them. I frequently use the boards to solder on directly for Medium and Easy Silver Solder. I do prefer to use a charcoal block with most of my applications with the SolderN'Board directly under the block.

NOTE! 6x12 Boards have a chipped corner Approx 3/8 in square