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David Lee Smith

Spider - Mini

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The Spider Mini is the smaller version of the original Made in USA patented Spider that was developed to assist in placement of embellishments that are sometimes difficult to position. Many times it is cumbersome to use the conventional Third Hand due to its limited flexibility and high heat sink properties. The Spider mini is most often used on silver jewelry with a back plate size smaller than 1 square inch.

The stainless-steel Spider Mini is all delivered with 4 Legs, An approximately 90, 45, 22.5 Degree and A 90 and 0 Degree with points. Below is also comparison picture with the Original Spider. 

Also included below is a comparison picture of the Original Spider (the larger Spider) and the Spider Mini (the smaller Spider) and Special combinations that are available. Please click on the option above for an image of the combinations. Videos are available on the individual product pages.

Made in USA with American labor and materials. One video is available here. If you're not convinced you need one yet, more thorough demonstration videos are also available on Youtube,com. Just look up Spider Hold Down Tool David Smith

1 minute video

5 minute video

15 minute video


.What you can do with a Spider Hold Down Tool