Superior Soldering Tripod - Patent Pending

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Some of the advantages of the Superior Soldering Tripod are:

It is designed so you can heat from underneath on larger pieces like belt buckles and  larger back plates with Gallery Wire bezels on the front without the heat loss from the giant Iron ring on other soldering tripods.

Wider stance for better access and control with larger torches like propane plumbers torch on a bottle, it stop the legs from being hit.

More stability because of the wider leg spacing.

Not top heavy like other tripods

Weighs less than existing Tripods

Legs are moveable to different positions for more flexibility in how it fits on your bench. Moveable legs give you the ability to even cantilever so no legs are in the proximity of the torch

Tapped holes in top of the leg bracket for future attachments like a Spider Hold Down & Locking tweezers

All Stainless Steel components

This tripod is only for non ferrous metals like Silver, Gold, copper, Aluminum, brass.  it is not usable for steel. platinum, palladium, Titanium, Iron, stainless,

It should not be used good for pieces that take long periods of time with torch whose heat output is higher than the melting point of Stainless steel (this is also a problem with existing other soldering tripods being sold)

Patent Pending