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David Lee Smith

Walking Liberty Cuff .999 Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Fine Silver

This cuff is 5 ounces of .999 Fine Silver. It was created using ancient cuttlefish bone casting technique and modern american craftsman created Fine Silver American Eagle bullion coin. The merger of the two techniques is my interpretation of old meets new, The weight, size and color were chosen to give the bracelet a masculine feel. 

 Metaphysical Properties of Silver

Silver is Identified with enhancing the powers of the moon, delicate Silver is a metal associated with psychism, love, peace and protection. Silver is often used for scrying, for psychic dreams, or to attract money. Many people reportedly use silver as protection during travels. Some use Silver under their pillow or as a necklace to promote psychic dreams.

As Silver relates to the moon, so does it relate to the yin or feminine energies, and can help those who are too aggressive to bring peace into their awareness. As such, Silver also helps one to get in touch with their own emotions and intuition, by allowing the acknowledgment of one's inner voice instead of repressing it. Silver can help to attract money by sending intention into a small piece of Silver and a green candle, placing the Silver beneath it, and then  burning the candle while visualizing greater prosperity coming into one’s life.

Silver acts as a "mirror to the soul", allowing one to see deep within the self with absolutely no judgment. Use Silver in tandem with other crystals such as Rose Quartz. While Silver will remove and release negativity from a body or space, the Rose Quartz will fill the void with love and compassion. It is this type of balance that makes Silver an amazing material to use with other crystal pieces.

Physically, Silver helps to detoxify the body and increase the absorption of vital minerals and vitamins.

Number 1

This cuff is an original creation by David Lee Smith and is number one in a series of old meets new of similar pieces to be created in the future. 

Fits an 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 inch wrist.